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Hey Fellas and Ladies, How’s it likely? Invite to Remarkable Dan 1989’s Channel, If you like the finest of the best in this post on Youtube then this is the location to be … I just include the most current and finest movies out there. I evaluate amusing you as substantially as attainable, and staying as beneficial as I can possibly be … … I do primarily focus on the videogame Future… However in the foreseeable future I approach to slowly consist of more video games into my channel. I will usually be listed below to help, alert, and maintain all you amused …… Thanks for coming and examining out my channel:-RRB- It really does indicate a lot to me … … So till ultimately the next video guys … … … PEACE!!!!!!!!!


20 thoughts on “Ways To Fix Youtube Streaming Support On PS4!! PS4 Mistake CODE CE-33126 -5 Repair Work”

  1. Dan I like stream for my friends channel because I am the co-owner I got a couple errors just by doing two streams and mine is not connected to Twitter and I remove everything in the description and then end up not working

  2. I seem to be the only 1 with a specific problem. I choose YouTube out the 3 options, the round circle appears, then it reappears with 'please wait' then it says my sen account is connected to YouTube account. I say ok, spinning circle appears again & takes me back to the 3 options again. I choose YouTube and it repeats in a loop. I dont even get the text boxes, etc like i do with twitch & Ustream with 'start broadcast' at the bottom , lol. Not seen anyone else with this yet >_>

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