vmix 17 error streaming utilizing facebook.
Ways to Fix vMix Mistake Live Streaming.
Ways to Look after vMix Error Streaming.
Report released to “C: ProgramDatavMixstreamingstreaming 20161216-184107 log”.
ffmpeg variation 2.8. git Copyright (c) 2000-2015 the FFmpeg designers.
built with gcc 4.8.1 (rev2, Built by MinGW-W64 difficulty).
setup:– empower-gpl– permit-model3– enable-libx264– help-zlib– allow-libfaac– enable-nonfree– cpu= i686– empower-nvenc.
libavutil55 2.100/55 2.100
libavcodec57 3.100/57 3.100
libavformat57 2.100/57 2.100
libavdevice 57.100/ 57.100
libavfilter 6. 9.100/ 6. 9.100
libswscale 4.100/ 4.100
libswresample 2.100/ 2.100
libpostproc 54.100/ 54.100
Thought Channel Structure for Get In Stream #.1: stereo.
Input #, dshow, from ‘video= vMix Video: audio= vMix Audio’:.
Period: N/A, get going: 83456.992000, bitrate: 1536 kb/s.
Stream #:: Video: rawvideo (UYVY/ 0x59565955), uyvy422, 1280 x720, 25 tbr, 10000 k tbn, 25 tbc.
Stream #:1: Audio: pcm_s16 le, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 1536 kb/s.
[tcp @ 039908a0] TCP Buffer has actually been developed to 6571008 bytes.
[rtmp @ 03995a60] Merely can not search RTMP handshake action.
rtmp:// rtmp-api. facebook.com: 80/ rtmp/217478175375445? s_l= 1 & a= ATjmBcoa5XJh6-9w: Unknown error.
Ways to fix the trouble in vmix with live streaming.
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  1. Why do i get this error on vmix Startup; Value of '0' is not valid for 'emSize'. 'emSize'shouls be greater than 0 and less than or equal to system.single.maxValue.
    Parameter name: emSize

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