31 thoughts on “Ways to smell streaming URL utilizing Wireshark (Kodi)”

  1. Very interesting but when I click Follow stream the text is unreadable characters or just numbers. I tried all the different formats, RAW, UTF-16, etc. I am trying to get the URL of an IP camera, not from Kodi.

  2. if i do that will it last forever or not? because I'm having a hardtime to have some of my channel to be permanent… after 2days some of the channels that i make becomes inaccessible… and i guess it already expires… how can i have a video link that do not expire?

  3. Unfortunately this program does not work in netflix, I will have to look for another
    alternative, since I wanted to find out the urls of the Win10 application, I used urlsnooper2 to view, but now the program no longer works.

  4. i am not able to find Conversation list in the statistic menu…only conversation and when i click that i get the window open as you did only difference is that in this it looks different and the follow stream result is unreadable

  5. I do not see the point of sniffing stream url if you use kodi. Kodi is already a good viewer and you do not get pop ups ads while watching something on kodi. Sniffing stream urls is useful when you stream something in browser and you get pop-ups all the time and you just want to play the stream on vlc for example. By the way, the Follow Stream button in grayed out. Cannot click on it. Why?

  6. Jeez! bit long winded just to get a link from kodi pmsl… there is a much faster and easier way you know 🙂 but being a kodi addon developer myself i will not be advising 🙂

  7. subscribed buddy, nice trick there, only just heard of url sniffing but looking to make the most basic add-on for kodi, do you have any videos on how to do this or even fork kodi into an android apk?

  8. how to get URL from this

    GET /80FC2A/PH/jdbgorigin/jdNTVPLUS97722.stream/media-uzk55t2sj_2695.ts?4868ec537ed8c37481fe6d685f1e957001b9b297f99e196cb2f0a282cab7fb1f04518bd19e55109383380fa0c8c927d4cf2893fc3aec HTTP/1.1
    User-Agent: Kodi/16.1 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) App_Bitness/32 Version/16.1-Git:20160424-c327c53
    Accept: /
    Connection: close
    Host: wpc.FC2A.edgecastcdn.net
    Icy-MetaData: 1

  9. thanks for sharing. inspired by your method, I found I can just find the url by opening a web browser and look for the url in the html source. It also works like a charm!

  10. do you have an e-mail I can send you a stream. i can find the m3u8 stream. but it only works for a couple of hours. it's not encrypted. and the stream are free tv. but after the the m3u8 there is a session and id too

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