This video explains the best ways to utilize Wowza Streaming Engine β„’ computer system software application and JW Gamer 7 to embed and playback a live stream on your net web website.

In this video tutorial we likewise roam by means of the best ways to empower extremely established qualities like Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Streaming for Apple HLS and nDVR to offer individuals the prospective to stop briefly, play, and rewind a live broadcast.

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15 thoughts on “Ways to utilize JW Gamer 7 with Wowza Streaming Motor”

  1. Canyou help me eget set up tp do live streams from my website without youtube who keep booting my channels leavng all my work messed up this will be my main feature I use a background layout set up using OBS can this still be used all I need is an RTMP code to put into OBS

  2. hello
    there an issue, the m3u8 work fine at servers (servers location , EU, USA) but with my location and others people in this world, does not work. what i have to do ??
    thank you

  3. The fine print is that analytics is a problem. JW Player has its own delivery system, so they want you to build into their API to submit analytics data. There isn't an example of how to get their media ID for tracking video data. At most you get fragmented bits of information. Wowza's perpetual product's stats don't track minutes watched, bitrates used, or views (though the cloud product might…?). 5 years with both I've noticed these two products are drifting away from each other, and if you need to know how well your videos are performing these two together don't provide a complete solution without additional development time.

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