It will stream film in MJPEG construction from a supported webcam greater than the community.

Cameras demonstrated in film:
Logitech, Inc. Webcam C270
Microsoft Corp.

To check the skills of the webcam:
v4l2-ctl –list-formats

To put in the programs:
apt-get replace
apt-get put in vlc

To start the stream server:
cvlc –no-audio v4l2:///dev/video0 –v4l2-chroma MJPG –sout ‘#standardobtain=http,mux=mpjpeg,dst=:8554/’ -I dummy

To observe on VLC on a computer, open community stream with this take care of:
…the place by x.x.x.x is the IP deal with of the Raspberry Pi


27 thoughts on “Webcam MJPEG Streaming”

  1. One of the best no-fuss and really useful video I've seen in ages! I've been trying to stream HD and Full-HD videos using a USB Webcam (Logitech C920) on my Raspberry Pi 3 without success. All the different methods, I had to accept VGA resolution and recording via my Synology NAS Surveillance station.

    This streaming has a bit of lag, but the its smooth and high-def, loved it as in loved it! Now, the only thing I am struggling with is, how to record the streamed MJPEG video? Looks like Synology surveillance application doesn't support adding IP Cams with MJPEG stream. So I am stuck :-/ Any suggestions? or maybe how did you do the recording yourself?

  2. Hi, I have a camera that only supports 1280×736 is it possible to modify the streaming resolution to a smaller one? Could you tell me how the command would be? thank you very much

  3. man took me while to find this video again just a quick question have you set this up to run more that one webcam i brought 6 cams like this, for a different project but im not using them at the moment so if i can reuse them this will be great

  4. Great videos. Thank you. How would you grab the livestream and send it to an internal web server. So the end user could just go to an internal URL address in their browser of choice instead of using VLC?

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