Western Electronic WD Tv Live Streaming Media Gamer examination.

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Exactly what’s up men? It is Fowl from birdknowsbest.com achieving a fast examine on the Western Digital Tv Live Streaming Media Individual. This is generation a couple of, the contemporary latest edition. A set of upgrades: you still get a ten-eighty P (1080 P) of output, you’re likewise able to utilize all these net apps with it and this a single does carry out wirelessly.

A fast ‘exactly what is available in package’: you get the media individual by itself, you get a remote with 2 triple A batteries bundled, you get a capability adaptor, analog audio and video and you likewise get a handbook and intricate help. If we obtain a closer search listed below at the exact system by itself you can see it’s got a USB port on the entryway. On the back– from delegated appropriate– you have actually got your energy, optical, audio, immediate-to-challenging-line net link, HDMI, a various USB port and audio video out.

It is a contemporary little box. I’ll set it up, present you a set of quick choices on exactly what we can do with this when we return.
Alright fellas, I have actually purchased every thing established I am going to show you how everything is connected. Thirty-two (32) gig flash produce in the USB port on the back. Electric power out, optical, audio out, the Ethernet is still left blank because I’m utilizing a wi-fi relationship. Considerable meaning out which is linked to my hd projector and on the conclude, yet another USB out which is linked to my 2 terabyte Western Electronic actually difficult travel. I am turning it on and offer you a quick rundown of that.

I have actually gotten the online plugged in. Prior to you get to this website you’re most likely to select your language, established your cordless password and upgrade your firmware. When you do that you take place to be most likely to need to reboot. If you get to this screen, struck established strike Alright on the remote. Audio– video setups, click Alright extremely person-friendly. Establish your choices, just click back to obtain out.

Pictures that are out there on your hard disks or if you have a shared network that you can developed up. You can set it up by sharing family neighborhood with shared family neighborhood with share files, brand-new music and video.

I’m going to plainly reveal you the video. These are the 2 USB drives you observed plugged in. Just just click Ok, click back once again to obtain out. Live Tv is not that excellent, you do not utilize it. Solutions you can utilize a bargain just click Alright. On the still left you have various categories, movie, audio, sports, your highlighted types, All over once again, you can utilize some usage the majority of these. My preferred kinds are Netflix Pandora.

On YouTube you can anticipate to probably usage Hulu, potentially Spotify. You may be visiting have actually developed up your password account, rather fast to do click back once again to obtain out of it.

Another wonderful thing on the remote if you struck the blue button or the letter D, it quickly provides up your favourites. You can click on the choices inside each person 1 for special options for people accounts then just click once again to obtain out or the D button when again. You will discover a lot of motion pictures I might provide you with this however I wish to consider this motion picture relatively minimal. The another problem I will reveal you is that there’s an application easily offered with this for both Android and iOS individuals.

It can be called the WD Tv Remote application, appears much like this so if I struck the D button it will communicate up my favourites click it and click in excess of. Click D once again– the blue button noted here– and it will remove it. So it carries out wonderful. I you need to unknown how a lot you utilize it however you have the possibility to utilize it.

Simply a swift highlight: it really is gotten Wi-Fi, 10- eighty P (1080 P) out, supports a great deal of audio formats: mp3, wave, flac a great deal of video formats mpv, mov, mpeg, supports JPEG. Simply a great hardly any gadget. There are more information online website release, the details underneath on my web website birdknowsbest.com with an additional in depth details about it. It really is the Western Digital Live Streaming Media Gamer generation a couple of. I recommend to choose it up it really is a fantastic small gizmo.

If you like this introduction, take a look at out some others on website at birdknowsbest.com. Right up till up coming time, Ca Caw!


39 thoughts on “Western Digital (WD) Tv Live Streaming Media Gamer Evaluation”

  1. Why it's better to use Network Shares than selecting a Media Server with your WDTV Live box.

    1. With Network Shares you can play .AVI .MP4 .DIVX .FLV .MKV .MOV .WMV .MPG .M2TS .VOB .ASF.
    2. Streaming (Microsoft Media Center) only supports .AVI and .MP4. 

    Network shares are not hard to set up but certain routers can cause problems. It almost always has to do with routers 

    that want to be the master browser in the workgroup. You can be watching movies using network shares for months and 

    then suddenly you can't see your shares anymore no matter what you do.

    If your WD Live TV box no longer detects your shares then one of two things is wrong. Either you have a password 

    cached or your router or even the WDTV Live box itself has become the master browser in your workgroup.

    1. Check the Windows Credentials Manager under CONTROL PANEL to see if you have 'WDTV Live' cached passwords stored 

    in the vault. If so delete them.

    2. Your network devices were turned on in the wrong order or rebooted and another device is currently the network 

    master browser. You can Fix this permanently by doing the following:

    Start REGEDIT on your main computer

    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesBrowserParameters
    Right click the 'Parameters' icon and add a String value called 'IsDomainMaster'
    Set it to 'True'

    Exit Regedit

    Then click START MENU and right click COMPUTER and select PROPERTIES. Then under workgroup settings select CHANGE 

    SETTINGS and change the name of the workgroup to VIDGROUP. Don't worry, you will still be able to access all your 

    other devices, printers, and other computers from a different workgroup.

    Now shut down your main computer.

    Pull the power plugs on your modem, router, WD LiveTV box, and any other computers or wireless devices

    Then start up your main computer and logon. When finished logging on start up your modem, and router

    You will see the corner network icon connect and disconnect until it has established itself as the master browser

    Then fire up your WD LiveTV box. Go to your network setup and change the workgroup name to VIDGROUP.

    Then go to NETWORK menu and detect your network, use auto setup.

    Then connect to Content Source. If it shows 'local storage' or 'media server' then hit the

    RED SQUARE button and select NETWORK SHARES content. Your computer and shares will be listed.

    You will never lose your network shares again. Now you can turn on your other devices.

  2. Hi, Nice video!

    I'm wondering if it is possible to create a video playlist that will play multiple videos on loop without showing a video title of the file name when each video is loaded?

    I'm thinking of using one of these to run ads on a television in a store. 

    Thank you for any input. 

  3. hey there. a question. Can I connect my notebook to my old tv using this little box? that would be, from the notebook to the box via hdmi, then to the tv from the box via video cable. would that work?

  4. Quick question  When playing off a drive or Streaming threw the Network. Will when one files ends will it start up the next in line? Ex south park EP1 ends and EP2 Starts on its own with out me getting the remote and selecting it. I would Love to use this to steam movies While I sleep. ? Thanks 

  5. have had one about a year. It locks up regularly, you're lucky to watch an entire movie without it saying "We're having trouble playing this movie." Good Luck..

  6. Thanks for the video. I'm considering this as a solution for my dad but he's still living in the dark ages with an old CRT 4×3 TV. Would you happen to know if this should work with old fashioned tvs?

  7. A question: I have PC (in my living room) with hard disk that has all my vids in it. It is connected to a standard wifi router. If want to watch these vids on a TV that is in another room, can I attach that TV to this device and have this device "see" the video files in the hard disk in the living room wirelessly via the wifi router?

  8. purchase the WD TV Live I reviewed above. Just click on the link in the description and buy it there. This product will allow you too connect your external hd to the WD TV live. You then connect the WD TV to your tv and you are able to watch movies that are on your hd on your tv.

  9. you can also go into your my computer and right click on your external hd that you want to see and click share with/advance sharing. Make sure the box is checked to share that hd. then go back into your WD. Under files, you should see that new external hd there with all of your media

  10. you need to go into setup on the WD/network settings/network setup and setup your connection. Then go back to Files in the WD. HIt the Red (B) button on the WD remote and click on Network Share/windows shares and your computer should show up.

    Then open your (my computer) on your computer. Click network on the bottom left and you should see WDTVLIVE there. From that folder you can add media to watch on your WD. Hope that helps

  11. Good video. I picked this up and so far works great.
    Need a little more instruction on the networking options. I have WD hard drive on the network but dont know how to connect.

  12. My family and I keep our movies on external hard drives and I'd like to buy this to connect them and watch through our TV's. One concern I have is that we have 3 hard drives all formatted differently, one is FAT32, one NTFS and the other Mac OS Extended (Journaled). It seems rather convoluted but I have specific reasons for formatting each differently.

    My question is, would I be able to use all of these hard drives with the WD TV Live, specifically to play stored movies?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. I would do one of two things if you can. I keep a 3tb hard drive connected to mine at all times and then i use the front USB port to connect my flash drive. I would see if you can connect your old WD hub via USB and use that basically as an external hd. Otherwise I would transfer everything off of the hub onto an external HD and connect that to the new WDTV as I do. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to help. Ca caw!

  14. do you know a way to transfer all the media from a prior WDTV live hub to this new one. i have an earlier version but really would love to get this wireless version. thanks

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