Chris Knowlton from Wowza clarifies the science of streaming. What’s adaptive bitrate (ABR) and adaptive bitrate streaming (Abs) and why do we’ve got to have it for affluent video streaming?

This presentation was specified on the Output Stay! expo on the Washington Level out Convention Centre on Tuesday 31st January 2017

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5 thoughts on “What’s Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (Abdomen muscle mass) for Video clip?”

  1. The problem is it doesn't generally give you the option to turn it off.
    I can accept a little waiting at the start for a video to load, what I can't accept is my video looking like trash because my internet periodically slows.

  2. Very Interesting video, ABR should be recommended for twitch. Especially for those who can't change the quality settings at all (bottlenecking). I'm very glad this ABR feature is in OBS studio now, it deserves more credit.

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