BLIZZARD arrange a blue put up yesterday stating that the Traditional Servers have been going to be Widespread LANGUAGE based mostly. So all languages will probably be mixed and this may no query result in a number of challenges with gamers. (merch retailer) set/heelvbabyface (Stay Streaming) (Twitter) (mid lifetime-bar disaster) (Armory) (Title Sequence and Branding)


31 thoughts on “WoW Typical to have Common LANGUAGE SERVERS (Gamers aren&#39t joyful)!!”

  1. I dont see a single problem with this. How many people will play classic? its not 2004 where wow was pretty much the only choice, (not mentioning others cuz, you know) and even in 2004, we didnt have different language server and it was only NA. They need to see how many people will be in classic and continue to play. for a 15 years old game, they wont have the same number of players in classic as what they did before. having only french, Italian or other servers, is not a good business side as those servers may not even stay alive. This is just my opinion

  2. they will have the " Looking for Guild " function, that we use now in live
    Well, it has a new name and its for joining WoW " Communities "
    Every server…. will have English Communities.

  3. Yeah fair enough dude but you have to understand that most europeans speak english anyway, sadly probably better than some english people. I dont see it as an issue at all.

  4. I disagree.
    Blizzard has the data, lots of it. They probably know how many people will play the game from each European country, and by their standards, not enough per individual country, such as French, German, etc.
    In their view, there might not even be enough French or German classic players to dedicate servers to them
    Mixed servers work in other games except for Russian. It might be a meme by now but it's real, Russians mostly speak Russian, they needed a server for themselves.
    I come from eastern Europe and 99% of the civilized population here speaks English.
    I never had a problem with non-English speakers in other games except for Russian players. Other than that, it all blends well imo.

  5. oh cool i guess warmane infiltrated blizzard. cant wait to see the clash of cultures and language barriers, not like that's ever been a problem, right?

  6. Honestly, major reason I quit playing was the fact I was on a server where around 40% of the major chat was Swedish. Pretty dead server, so it felt isolating – and no, I shouldn't have to choose between abandoning characters or paying out the ass in an already subscription based game to transfer.

  7. When 3 Groups looking for a Tank and 1 Guy talks in German what the others 3 are looking for but they wont inv. him because they dont speak the same language… GG!

  8. What they really should do…

    German players should only be allowed to play dwarves.
    Italian players players should only be allowed to play elves.
    Spanish players should only be allowed to play trolls.
    French players players should only be allowed to play worgen.
    English players should only be allowed to play humans.
    Dutch players should only be allowed to play forsaken.
    etc. etc. etc.

    Kidding, of course.

  9. I think they understand that they turned WoW into a total shit show of a game that attempted to cater to casuals and now they probably feel like all of this "progress" in the expansions was for nothing. Gotta fuck it up somehow. I tried to get into BFA since i gave it up in 2012. Played from 06 to 12. The game got increasingly shitty. Came back to see what it's like and it feels like not even the same game.

  10. This decision is probably made beacuse Blizzard whant to bring out 3 kind of servers (or 4?): PvE, PvP and RP (maybe both RP-PvP and RP-PvE?). If they have to do this for the 4 major EU languages (French, German, Spanish and Italian), they would need at least 3×4=12 (or 4×4=16) servers for EU comunity. That said, some cuminity are smaller than others, like the Italian one, which in retail only have 2 servers, so Blizzard (probably) isn't excepting the Italian comunity to hande 3 or 4 servers alone. Now add the fact that PvP servers are the most favour, so how many for each language commiunity? What if "we" misscalculate and they become half empty beacuse "we" put out too many servers of "that" kind in "that" lang-community?

    In the end: Blizzard have made this decision (imo) beacuse it want to give a "full expirience" for all kind of servers to all lang-community, whout risking to have half dead servers for some lang-community. Is Blizzard right or is it wrong? I don't know, but I don't find this an easy matter, and the Blizzard decision have it's kind of sense to me.

  11. I get what you're trying to convey to your audience and it does make some sort of sense but I can't help wondering if it's at all viable to have individual language servers, especially when Blizzard have decided to stick with three types of environment servers; PvP, PvE and RPR. 3 Realm servers per spoken language in Europe requires somewhere in the neighborhood of 360 servers .. as there's approx. 120 different spoken languages in the european region, unless they create some sort of overlay and run the different environments on the same server (PvP players will never see PvE players and so on and so on). Or should they just stick with "the major languages" where there's more then 20 millions speakers, or 10 million speakers, or perhaps just 5 million speakers? Or should some nationalities just "deal with it" and accept they can only play on a PvP realm (for instance) because it's too expensive to set up 3 separate realm servers for a few thousand or maybe just a few hundred players? it's perfectly fine if a company decides to cater to a specific group to make their playing experience more "pleasant" but one way or another some people are going to feel left out as it is with most things in life. I think it's safe to assume Blizzard will never accommodate the desires and wishes of every single nationality in the european region, unless they create some sort of 'on-the-fly' translator like the one you mentioned. I don't think we've uncovered the Babel fish just yet 🙂

  12. I'm not super torn about this if there's no looking for group. People can join guilds of their own language. I'm still pissed that the live game has crossrealm groups with mixed languages. You never know if you're going to have english, spanish, portugese, or sometimes french. And then you spend 30~ mins in a run wiping because the tank doesn't understand what you're saying and somehow understands zero point of mechanics and every time someone votes to kick, no one will.

  13. blizz dnt care theyyl say, oh thatll be 30 bux for a char transfer, just like it was untill legion ..actually this was a serious reason as to why i wouldnt bother piicking up the new games… uh flashbacks… trauma… cold night sweats…

  14. C'est vraiment complètement con. Je parle un peu Anglais mais pas assez bien pour vraiment crée du lien avec les gens et avoir une réelle interaction pouvant conduire a l'envie de rejoindre une guilde ou faire des groupes a long terme. C'est vraiment une idée de merde de pas avoir de serveurs Français, Allemands, Italiens ou Espagnols…

    ps: If you don't understand what I wrote there, then I made my point.

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