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The Youtube stay streaming digital digicam is coming alongside swimmingly. However Raspberry Pi touchscreens are the satan. They’re simply so finicky and actually arduous to configure. You’ll be able to see my setbacks and good outcomes on this months episode!

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21 thoughts on “Youtube Dwell Streaming Digital camera From A Raspberry Pi: Half 2”

  1. hey I am a noob here. I am sure I will fail going through all those steps. Can you make an image of your sdcard and upload so i can reimage and replicate here. You can remove your account info though. If it is possible…..
    Thanks lol.

  2. have you not try — sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
    some of this stuff are included in the Rasbian Jesse image built on / after – April 2017 update – upgrade …
    well at least for me it did …

  3. My god, so I wasn't the only one to have troubles with the adafruit touchscreen on Raspbian, my, it was such a pain in my freakin arse, and even more than it was for you since I needed to redirect the HDMI images to the TFT screen in order to use the GPU since the GPIO pins will only use CPU power. Setting it up correctly took me above two months.

  4. You told youtube to expect a 360p stream, but stream_test.py passes (640,480) to the picamera object. Isn't 640×480 considered 480p? And I notice the successful stream at minute 4:23 is at 240p. I realize this is what happens when you have so many system variables to test out, plus the need to record it all. Is there a summary of the successful YT & ffmpeg/picamera settings? I haven't been able to replicate your success, but I think I am getting closer, and am ever hopeful!

    Also, the stream_test.py I copied from the project page had an error. Line 25 gave "stream.stdin" as the first arg to camera.start_recording. Only "stream" is not defined. I think it needs to be "stream_pipe". Still not working for me though. Should I just wait until all parts of the video are done and the final project is checked in?

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