YouTube reveals a very little latency live streaming possibility to help reinforce live chat proficiency. YouTube Live has actually remained in “Beta” for a however and early proficiency from customers have actually declared in boards that the latency was a concern. Our checks in this post at PTZOptics computed the live streaming latency to vary between 35 seconds to 2 minutes counting on the size of the live stream. With the boost for “very little latency” live streaming alternative end users can select no matter if they wish to enhance the live stream efficiency for latency or buffering. The trade off is the recording outstanding and live discussion understanding. In this motion picture Paul Richards from PTZOptics will discuss the specialists and downsides of these choices counting on your live streaming needs.

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13 thoughts on “YouTube Very Little Latency Live Streaming Choice”

  1. how to live stream this camera without internet? because my church does not have internet wifi. So I want to use this with my iphone to livestream on facebook.

  2. How come it's not longer possible to set it to Low Latency after the stream has already started? I used to be able to do that, now it's grayed out.

    Also, do you know of any idea of how to set up a stream with low or ultra low latency when using PS4's share button and/or Nvidia Shadowplay for streaming? (it's all I got)

  3. It's weird to have that kind of options. Streaming service provider should have both at the same time. If one have many livestream viewers and have to interact them, what are they supposed to do? It's actually causing problems and they are moving to other live platforms.

  4. Thank you, I was wondering about this for a long time πŸ™‚ I'm going to test now the buffering and see how much better the recording quality might be compared to the latency, since I have no time during the video to chitchat with my audience πŸ™‚

  5. Is there a streaming option that has 0 latency (maybe not Youtube)? I'm looking for something to stream a Powerpoint presentation while being on the phone with the viewers. (I don't want to have to ask the viewers to download any kind of software.) Thanks!

  6. Google has done some major back end upgrades we have noticed since this video has been published. Even with the low latency option we have noticed about 10-15 seconds of latency will accumulate every 10 minutes

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