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The Raspberry Pi can do a ton of cool points on its have. However only one issue it will not have the ability to do is seize film enter…till lastly now! With the help of a services or products termed an HDMI to CSI bridge, the Raspberry Pi can seize any HDMI enter provide! On this video clip, I test it out by seize recreation enter and streaming it on to Twitch. And I’ll cellphone it the Twitch-O-Matic!

You’ll be able to view a demo of the Twitch-O-Matic beneath:
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33 thoughts on “⚙ Add Film Enter To The Raspberry Pi – Tinkernut Workbench”

  1. Is it good for full hd? I need to stream my tv input all over the house cant do it with smart tv's was thinking of doing it with a rooted android tv though!? (satellite tuner builtin)

  2. I ran into trouble identifying the Auvidea model number to Pi compatibility details, so here it is:

    Auvidea B101: Raspberry Pi 3
    possibly 1 and 2 as well, but I've the 3 and confirmed this works. DO NOT USE THE OFFICIAL PI CAMERA ADAPTER CABLE TO TRY AND USE THIS WITH THE ZERO. The official adapter uses opposite sides of the cable while the the Auvidea cables use the same side. By using the adapter, you're wiring the HDMI adapter to the Pi Zero with backwards. You'll know you effed up because both the Pi and the Auvidea adapter will get VERY hot quite quickly.

    Auvidea B102: Raspberry Pi Zero W
    I don't have this Auvidea model, but the site specifically calls out compatibility.

    Auvidea B110: I don't yet know
    I don't have one to test and the B110 product page does not specify compatibility. However, Both the 102 and the 110 list a 22 pin cable, so I would guess this module is compatible with the Zero.

  3. Great ideia! I wonder if we can combine multiple RPIs + HDMI video input to make a video wall processor cheaper than the current ones that are hardware based and cost around ~$400 to $1200

  4. At least put "Auvidea" in the title so we know this video is garbage. That thing costs the earth, there needs to be a real alternative.

  5. Hi, this is amazing concept and I really like it. But I have few questions that I would really like to get answers:
    (For my build I want to use Raspberry Pi 3 B+)
    1. What is the maximum bitrate and resolution + framerate that you can stream with this setup?
    2. Can it be used as portable streaming station with powersource and any kind of wifi usb modem connected?
    3. Can streaminig inforation like current bitrate, stream time, etc be somehow displayed on some kind of display?
    4. Will it somehow be possible to connect 2 wifi usb modems and select
    which it has to use depending on signal strength?

  6. just had the idea to use smth like this for video shooting (gimbal and external monitor). |Camera| –hdmi–> |R-Pi| –WiFi Direct–> |another R-Pi| –hdmi–> |screen|
    but i think it will be to heave, I will need more batteries and more.. 🙁

  7. kinda want to use this in combo with some neopixels to make a diy ambient lighting for a tv, would be pretty pricey for that use but is still cheaper than Lightberry

  8. Hi Tinkernut, a big fan here. Could you tinker around with the hdmi input camcorders ( some of the pj series of Sonys, or the axp ones, with buit in projectors) if they can record ? I remember those old days around '90s some guys in europe could actualy change the firmware of the camcorders to record through video out ports (They were built as in and out, but opted as not to let video in originally) . Btw, I very well know what hdmi out and in is, just cannot figure out if those projector camcorders have a slightest possibility to direct the stream to the recorder itself with their supposedly passthrough hdmi input to projector, or could you lead me a way so that I can rapidly progress learning other than "buy dismantle and try" ?

  9. hello , it is very nice video
    just i have problem with B101 module for video streaming , it not support Audio , did you do that with audio streaming or just can get video
    please could you help me in this part

  10. Love the pace of your videos, most howto type videos spell everything out ad nauseam, going over every minor detail as thou the video is aimed at a 4 year old, your videos assume the audience has a certain level of knowledge, I like that.

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