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On this video clip, you’ll be geared up to find out how one can get your entire family theatre arrange and accessibility it remotely making use of Parsec!

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22 thoughts on “A Slingbox On Steroids — Streaming Your Complete Dwelling Theater Anyplace In True Time”

  1. what a useless video… firstly you are doing the demo on a Switch which is 100% portable… secondly such a small amount of people will have the same setup as you…thirdly just urgh.. install the client and just stream you are faffing around so much with all of the other configuration..good effort though

  2. This is mind-blowing! I travel a lot for work and this setup would work perfectly for me. Wish I had discovered Parsec sooner. Started using it yesterday and couldn't believe I was able to play Doom on my home PC 300 miles away with almost zero lag. Just incredible.

  3. I tried parsec hosting on a windows VM machine (through KVM) today but it did not work.. any idea how to make it work? i can the error it can't change resolution

  4. Pretty impressive, my router allows me to stream free TV via unicast across the LAN.
    Haven't used it with Parsec yet but it could be handy.
    There's one issue with the whole Nintendo Switch thing however and that's the standby mode or even switching retails games (no pun intended).
    Aside from it looks really useful.
    Perhaps I should look for those capture cards then.

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