Android Mini Desktop computer is a $60 Android item which you can sign up with to your Tv through HDMI and in this film I show you how you can utilize this Android Mini Laptop computer as a media gamer/ media streaming system.

Unpacking and Summary of Android Mini Computer system out?v=4NVBB9gUp1A


34 thoughts on “Android Mini Desktop computer as a Media Individual & Online video streaming gizmo”

  1. So can u watch videos directly off the web with this. Like can I use the tv to go to bing, search a video and then play it all of the tv. And what do I need the flash drive for

  2. 1. USB HUB Is working well for me. ( 4 Ports – HDD 250 GB + Mouse + Keyborad)
    2. Webcam does not run for me eather. But… After instaling Linux Kubuntu it all works fine.
    External Audio – NO.

  3. hi ranjit i want to stream cricket from a subscription based site. i already have a smart tv with internet connectivity but the browser is realy crap no flash so i cant surf flash based websites where i can watch cricket…so is it a good buy rather den buyin the expensive google tv.

  4. To all those who are interested in buying this device. Here are some facts. I did lot of research to figure out this product as I was about to import it from china.
    1) the quality of this device is very poor. Ie faliure rates are very high

    2) it has heating issues and the device may even melt I u forgot to unplug it as it doesnot have a off switch

    3) I had a direct chat with a chinese seller who dint proceed with the sale when I enquired about warranty for heating issues

  5. if i want to store some data, then where will it be store??? can v use it as a desktop for doing youtube, gmail and using all websites on it…. its wifi is 150 mpbs or 54mbps???

  6. can anyone test if it can be connected to an old TV using RCA input? (with a hdmi to RCA adapter) know it sounds stupid..but i don't have a HDMI tv :/

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