These are the best OBS streaming settings for the brand new NVENC encoder in 2020! This video will current you the perfect configurations to stream with utterly no-lag through the use of the brand new NVENC encoder in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. You get the best impression glorious on stream with the brand new RTX enjoying playing cards, however you additionally get an awesome deal higher seen top quality on the aged GTX playing cards. With these best OBS streaming settings, you will not need to have a substantial-stop laptop computer or laptop to reside stream!

➤ OBS Studio: load
➤ Streamlabs OBS:
➤ Twitch Bandwidth Tester:

Suggested Bitrates
Twitch: set/encoding/

01:00 Enhancements to NVENC
01:13 Replace OBS to v23
01:46 Film configurations
02:57 Stream settings
03:51 Find out how to uncover the best twitch server & add pace
05:15 Output configurations
09:13 Audio configurations
09:55 Progressive choices

Element 1 – Find out how to arrange Scenes & Sources:
Element 2 – Find out how to use Audio Meter, Studio Mode & Multiview:
Ingredient 4 – Splendid OBS Recording Settings for 60FPS:
Ingredient 5 – OBS v2 – New Browser Provide & Options Said:
Half 6 – Best OBS Downscale Filter:

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25 thoughts on “Best OBS Streaming Choices in 2020 – NO LAG with the brand new NVENC encoder”

  1. Wait so for the best visual experience, i should turn off both look ahead and visual tuning and set b frames to 2? I followed nvidias obs guide and they recommend b frames to 4. They also recommend to set look ahead and visual tuning ON. I am confused :-/

  2. Hi @Tech Guides, could you also make a video for a two PC set up? There is no really good guides on how to build a 2 PC stream set up. Settings and the hardware. In any case, have a good day 🙂

  3. I have been watching these videos and I have learned a lot from you and I thank you very much. I am wondering how can I add a background image to my webcam like zoom let's you do?

  4. why my 1650 super drops streaming fps in my facebook live when im using max quality/high – 6000 bitrate.. My internet upload speed is 30mbps with 3ms. Thanks for answer.

  5. I tried to run it on exactly the same output and video settings 1440p base with 900p downscale and when I would go to my gaming monitor I could see twitch and obs both struggling when I click or load scene..and I have an i7-10700k with 2070 super with an upload speed of 36Mbps…I did have the visual tuning on tho under look ahead I could try turning that off… but other then that is there any reason it would lag on loading scenes and clicking like back buttons or load outs…is it possible because I keep my abs up on my 1080p monitor and its trying to set the base at 1440p on my 1080p? and if so can I fix this?

  6. So under stats for nerds on this video it shows you have 1280×720 but in the video you said to use 1600×900. Is that what you used and Youtube changed it afterwards? I am trying to get VP09 quality on a live stream. I know how to do it if I record and upload it.

  7. I am having a super problem with virtual cam in OBS .. I need help badly .. When I start virtual cam, it shows multiple same captured screens inside of my main screen … is there a fix ??

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