Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate hyperlink) – The Cerevo LiveShell X can livestream to YouTube Stay, Fb Stay, and Twitch on the precise time! Helps different suppliers means too. See further output movies: and subscribe! set/s


01:10 – Parts overview
01:32 – Recording with an SD card
01:45 – Inputs and ports
02:00 – Connectivity choices for streaming out
02:51 – How streaming is efficient with a number of professional providers
03:59 – 1080p 60 help
04:19 – Configuration and web based regulate panel
05:18 – Configuring streaming services and products
05:33 – Methods to configure YouTube Stay streaming
06:46 – Methods to configure Fb Stay
07:35 – Modifying little bit degree and different choices
08:48 – h.265 encoding resolution
09:27 – Utilizing PNG information recordsdata with transparency for titling
10:36 – Stream high-quality, conclusion and closing views

Even if I’m not ridiculous about its interface, the Liveshell X will enable for simulcasting to three distinct streaming firms on the precise time. Or it might probably doc to its interior SD card despite the fact that dwell streaming out to 2 services and products. Loads of alternate options on bitrate, decision etcetera. Actually properly performing field for its $699 worth tag.

I would like utilizing a devoted “equipment” like this for streaming vs. counting on a Laptop computer. It’s generally a plug and carry out encounter vs. possessing to run and configure software program program to do the method.

It ought to help any RTMP help and options an h.265 encoder along with h.264. It may well additionally act as a server for as much as 5 clients.

YouTube Stay Stream working example from my screening:

Listed here’s a Fb Stay Stream working example from my screening – it was simulcasting the identical feed I used to be sending to YouTube increased than:

Pattern recording at 13 megabits for every subsequent:

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26 thoughts on “Cerevo Liveshell X Streaming Field Analysis – Stream to three options on the identical time!”

  1. massive down side to this product – cerevo management of devices. This means we cannot use this device on an isolated production network, it requires internet – Silly.
    epic review, love your work!

  2. Thank you for this video, a question .. do i need to set the parameters for my rtmp every time i need to start stream? i mean to my own website, do you know if the device save my IP and data? or i need to do that every-time i need to go live stream!!!

  3. There are some reviews on B&H that complain about the image quality and that you don't get the full range of RGB. That the blacks are gray and the whites are not white. Can any users tell me their experience?

  4. Hey, I have a question. When I do stream on YouTube and Facebook in 10Mbps and 30fps 1080p, I can't record on SD card cause of pixel error. Can you help me?

  5. If the box is previously set up to stream to a personal server, do you still need the Internet-based GUI or can you just hit a button on the unit and go ?  I'm looking at this device to stream H.265 from field locations back to my studio.  What I use back at the studio to decode the H.265.. dunno yet…

  6. nice device but for the price, it should let you control it through your computer and not their website also for the price it should have an HDMI out. Have you ever seen the Roland V-1HD HD Video Switcher? If you ever get your hands on one can you do a review? There are some generic reviews but not in depth I'm still figuring out how to do an overlay for lower thirds properly with it.

  7. Lon are you sure that the web page for the device isn't just redirecting back to the device itself? What happens if you try to go to the device website on your PC if your internet is down? Might be a way to test.

  8. The H.265 support you mention isn't really all that useful anymore, the licensing group behind H.265 imploded and the licensing arrangements became so toxic the tech industry said we've had enough of this and formed the Alliance for Open Media. They are working on a next gen codec called AV1 designed to replace H.264/H.265/VP9 but it's still probably 1-2 years away, in the interim the industry is rolling back H.265/HEVC support from streaming services and using VP9 as a stopgap or still clinging to H.264.

    Of course you still get products rolling out HEVC support because all this was in planning from years ago but H.265/HEVC is pretty much dead as a streaming format unless Apple does something stupid like try to revive it, they are the one company not a member of the AoM but they did pull HEVC support from iOS beta builds so they are sitting on the fence.

  9. Pity about the configuration through webpage, it's a no go. The rest was looking pretty awesome. Do you know or did cerevo said anything about maybe some port to use for configuration?

  10. How would this compare to simply using a online services where you can upload to them and then they will stream to your audience. It helps to save on your bandwidth. it's common for radio & TV stations to pay for this type of service.

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