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A single huge leap ahead with XenApp 6 was software application streaming getting capable to take the application and stream it to servers and workstations to the offline plugin. In this method software application administration is centralized and you likewise get rid of worry about DLL hell on your workstations and servers. For the XenApp CCA test you need to understand that just 32 bit applications are supported however latterly Citrix have the Streaming Profiler 6.7 which does assistance 64 and 32 bit applications. We utilize the most popular profiler in the video to record firefox to stream to our customers.


14 thoughts on “Citrix XenApp 6.5 CCA Lesson 14 Streaming Apps”

  1. its very useful and can you post the Xendesktop videos also
    and explanation is very nice guys
    post some really time issues with in xenapp ,like Communication between Server and users ,
    server not responding ..
    please post like these sessions

  2. Suppose I streamed ie 7 because one of my web app don't work on ie8 on win 7 vdi..then when user launches web appol n using streamed ie7 ..then is it using client desktop resources or xen app resources..

  3. The Video is indeed helpful…
    But I have few questions, if you could help me with…

    How does … Environment Variables, Virtual Registry, Virtual ODBC, File extensions work on CITRIX Xenapp, How do we administer those ???

  4. Great video, thanks!

    I have a couple of questions: can application streaming solve the problem of having a legacy application running only on Windows XP that needs to be run also on a Windows 7 or 8?
    Does profiling "capture" also the OS environment on which the application was profiled? Or is the streamed application run in a separate memory bubble but it keeps running in the environment of the target OS?


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