29 thoughts on “Dragon Block C Crusaders – Live Streaming Server, Invite!!!”

  1. I know he is dead but it is quite disrespectful to unsubscribe just cause he doesn't make more content shame all those who unsubscribed may you now rest peacefully Alex and may kami guide your way to to the good side of other world R.I.P

  2. Late but rest in peace dude, I remember when I first watched u playing dbc with the old name of"thatguygamer" RIP βœŒοΈπŸ™

  3. first off. I would like to say thank you xander. I'm a big fan of dbz and when I found out about DBC I found one of ur videos at the top… and u helped me everyday after school because I get bullied a lot. we all loved you. and u will be in our hearts forever. Rest in peace…πŸ˜”

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