38 thoughts on “Environment Up YouTube LIVE streaming”

  1. another useless yank next time fuckwit tell people they need to install net framework v3.5 first before installing wirecast dickheadwhose paying you to get us to download their crap i do everything it wants and now to live stream using this on youtube i have to pay for it and you said it was for free go fuck your mum you dog

  2. To broadcast live…are we still hampered by the 15 min thing? Or can can we do like a 2 hour show and not get penalized ($$$) from a monetary stand point. Hope all that made sense. Thank you in advance for your time.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a useful video! There is a free YouTube live streaming app called 'CameraFi Live'. Can you introduce how to live stream on YouTube through CameraFi Live?

  4. I cant find that  wire cast encoder on the you tube page after setting up an event as you showed. how ever there was a link to it saying wire cast for you tube but when you click that link it opens a new tab on the wire cast website, I installed it but it is the version 60. 6 with the water mark. I trying using the recommender list of encoders that's listed on the you tube how to set up encoder, but the seem to not work right get pop up fails, I am use to using adobe media flash encoder but with that one there is no place to put in your YouTube key, no other sites I have used, uses a key, can you direct me to were this wire cast encoder with out water mark is?

  5. This week I found software that helped me put the logo and the name of my company during the live broadcast of my online courses. I find it very strange Hangout Google and Skype have no plugin to place a watermark on the screen during transmission. Or the GoToMeeting has it … The software is called watermark live and works well when it shares the speaker's desktop screen with the participants of the event, but the watermark is no longer displayed when the webcam is transmitted only …
    Download: (Windows version) http://www.microgenios.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Watermark-Live-ver1_0.zip
    This tip I saw in another forum, as well as working with video editing decided to share here.

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