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Making an affordable streaming Pc for FORTNITE!



39 thoughts on “Establishing a low-cost streaming Pc for FORTNITE!”

  1. You can get a 200 dollar pc to run fortnite at 60 fps 1080p low settings, just buy a used gaming pc that actually has good specs, "cheap" is 0 – 200.
    500 IS NOT CHEAP. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon up their arse.

  2. Great video! do have a question for anybody who can answer. Ive built a pc it has a

    (AMD Athlon x4 845 with 3.5GHz) CPU

    (Asus a68hm plus FM2) Mother Board

    (4GB DDR3-1600) RAM

    (WD1TB) HDD

    (EVGA 430W 80+) Power supply.

    Pretty basic cheap build computer. But my pc struggles to run games like CSGO or run games like WOW while on low graphics and possible a youtube video. not sure why my computer is struggling to keep up? any help would be much appreciated!

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