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➞ Streaming Schedule:.
Random Times typically at 7: 30 PM-10: 00 PM UTC.
( Sadly, it is difficult for me to make a schedule of days which I can stream though studying).

➞ Stream Procedures:.
* If any of the following guidelines are broken mediators will first of all erase your idea, if it continues time you out and lastly they will be forced to prohibit you if it continues! (You will be unbanned the next stream).
* You are welcome to discuss in the live chat with other audiences and mediators, nevertheless any arguments that include hatred to each and every single other will consist of the purchasers presently being prohibited!
* If hatred to other customers continues you will continue to be prohibited, if you have a difficulty with a various audience make certain you preserve it from my live chat and Discord server.
* Regard one specific a various frequently, you can discuss lacking products getting from management.
* Swearing is licensed if its not targeted at a various channel neighborhood member, my commentary will typically remain household friendly.
* You might promote your channel however Do not spam it (3 or a lot more comparable or associated remarks at when is classified as spam).
* Please do not utilize money letters over and over again in the chat as it obviously will make 1 remark stick out from an extra, if you spam it (additional than 3 durations) the evaluations will be erased.
* Regard all Moderators and the choices they make, these members supervise the live chat throughout live streams.
* If you feel you have actually been penalized by a mediator unjustly actually do not argue once again in the live chat, connect with me independently to take a look at the make any distinction. You can do this by personal messaging me by ways of YouTube messaging or by personal messaging me on Twitter @FireGuyGaming (actions published in my YouTube remarks location will be secured).
* My Discord server follows the particular precise treatments as my YouTube channel so be anticipating the very same penalties around there if policies are broken.

➞ Other Useful Back links:.
* How I record my gameplay-https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming
* The microphone I utilize-http://www.bluemic.com/yeti
* Images Employed- https://www.flickr.com/shots/[email protected] N04


9 thoughts on “Even now WAITING FOR THE ROADMAP! Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Stream #134”

  1. they need to add combos that you can do with lightsaber combat also guard breaks it would be sick if u can do combos in the air too with the light saber and your force abilities

  2. Hoth is broken for me and I cant play on that map, crait is gone too and I dont know if anyone has had the same issues, its been weeks since I played on hoth. Ive tweeted ben about this but I havent seen a reply yet.

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