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  1. Wasted 4 minutes of my life… the most important part of this video was make sure you have the latest firmware…   Other than that it should just work! – It doesn't for me.

  2. This doesn't really seem to solve any problems with doing this. This is just how it's supposed to work. What happens when you do all this a, but the WDTV can't or won't find any metadata. Even if I search manually for something very popular – Elysium, for example – "No content found on the online database"

  3. When you request Content Info on a film or TV show – what's the source it get it's info from? I ask because I'm trying to upload content info from some TV series such as Doctor Who and I don't know the production codes for specials (the usual S01E01 style won't apply to these particular episodes)

    PS, what the hell was all that clicking going on in the video?

  4. Have you ever had a problem with your wd tv unit not displaying all files? I have a 1tb wd passport connected to my live hub and it only displays 324 of 346 file folders. Looked everywhere for a solution with no luck. 

  5. I had mine exactly the same as yours, wdtvlivehub in one room, wdtvlive in the other for the kids films/TV.  I did all the FW updates on installation and when I set it up it worked fine.  1 week later, "Get Content Info:" error where the media would not play.  Everything I tried did not work.  Bare in mind I did not need any updates etc, it just stopped streaming for one particular folder, the one with all the kids movies in it!!!

    I followed your process and it worked a treat, it worked even better than before because now not all my shares come up – just the kids content for the family room, it does seem a little slower to start the film but it worked nonetheless.

    WRT your "get content", I have thousands of songs and hundreds of films, I accidentally turned that on when I 1st git the wdtvlivehub 18months ago and the speed of the WDTVLiveHub initial scan was REALLY bad.  It was almost unusable.  I would advise anyone with one of these with lots of content should not turn this feature on without knowing it can impact operation.

    Thanks for your help

  6. This video should be made available at the WD website because trying to find something there is a nightmare. Couldn't find ANYTHING there of help.

    This video " Made my Day "

    Great job.

  7. I think you need to add them in the your media library first, then go to my media, that will list them all in your media library. or you could do what i did and get rid of the WD TV Live streaming and get a raspberry pi and load xbmc on it, work loads faster and the addons are endless, such as all UK catch up tv, netflix and even stream torrents via navi x.

  8. Hi, yes it takes ages, this is something that really gets to me. Since making this video i have purchased a synology ds212+ NAS that has PLEX media built in and lucky for me Samsung have a PLEX media app too so all worked out, I wouldn't recommend the WD TV Live streaming!! Personally i am going to purchase a rasperry Pi and put xbmc on it, the add ons are endless with xbmc.

  9. perfect and I was trying to hack with thumbgen and going about it the wrong way I just wanted to see the covers and it was right in front of me the whole time thanks!!!

  10. I am trying to work out how to view content info. At around 2 min 44 sec you show a menu with information about the film, and you say "previously before we didn't get these menus". What did you click to bring up that menu?

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