Need to make your very personal streaming server so you’ll be able to present dwell HTTP video clip to your website online? Seize a VPS and strap in, as a result of it is a lot simpler than you would possibly consider!

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At present-maintained NGINX RTMP module fork:

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11 thoughts on “HLS Streaming Server with NGINX”

  1. Hello thank you very much for the video, helped a lot, I could not find the link to the stream via rtmp, need to do something? I tried rtmp: // myip / show and rtmp: // myip / obskey but it didn't work out, thanks!

  2. ..

    The problem with services like is the latency…

    … I'm currently experimenting with restream and I find that there is anywhere between a 6second to 1min+ delay from my broadcast to my various channels ( Mixer / Twitch / Smashcast / DLive )

    This is fine if your broadcast is a one-way conversation, but if you plan to interact with your audience it's unacceptable. Your viewers comment on things that happened 1min ago in game and your lack of response or inability to understand what they're referring to creates a rift…

    If you have a solution to the latency issues with rebroadcasting to multiple destinations I would be grateful if you could point me at that solution / video.

  3. thanks so much for this tutorial my friend, i am trying to implement something like this at work, thanks so much to you i have learned a lot, don´t have much linux experience but i will try to follow your steps, also agree on not depending on big platforms, again thanks a lot cheers!

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