In this tutorial I show you how to enable the live streaming quality of Youtube and how to utilize Open Broadcaster Software application (OBS) to do a live stream on Youtube.

In the tutorial I utilize a Windows 10 gadget however it need to likewise get the job done for Mac and Linux as OBS is out there on all these platforms.

Streaming on Youtube with OBS is rather uncomplicated. However if you have any ideas or issues, allow me understand in the reactions part.

OBS homepage and acquire:


7 thoughts on “How to do Youtube Live Streaming on House windows, Mac or Linux with OBS”

  1. Danke schoen! This was really helpful. You have earned a like and subscribe. I am just starting out my channel (btw I'd be thankful if you check it and give a feedback), and the part with recording is really a pain for me. Especially that my new laptop has Linux, and I absolutely have no idea how to install programs, etc, on it. I have installed OBS, but after that could not really understand how to connect it. I'd appreciate if you had the part how to make the videos recorded on your channel after you finish livestream, and how to invite people to your livestreaming event, too. Do they leave comments to which you answer straight away?.. Does it get in your videos after streaming?… How does it work?…

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