5 thoughts on “HTTP Live Streaming Windows Desktop to Roku Using VLC”

  1. I cant write the full bat file here. But the beginning was like this. @echo off

    rem Start Stream

    del /q C:xampphtdocsstream*

    "C:Program FilesVideoLANVLCvlc.exe"

    and the end was like this ,dst=C:xampphtdocsstreammy­stream-########.ts}

    Basicly the bat was exactly the same what was at your quide

  2. Hei, great job. But! I dont have xamp server or any server at the moment. First I just wanted to test this .bat file.

    I made bat file and started this. Then nohting happens. Cmd start's and then quick, really fast. Also C:xampphtdocsstream is emty.

    I bost my .bat file to next comment.

    What i'm doing wrong?


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