You need to take a look at in Hd so you can go through the source code. This is an experiment, i desire allow to produce u multi client php socket server. Any recommendations? Tutorials? Or perhaps better Textbooks?
Leave them in the actions … Fascinating setup suitable? This opens a bargain of possibility’s … you can cover this iframe messages and utilize javascript to upgrade a variety of elements on your net website.


6 thoughts on “http streaming, comet case in point, making use of individual mini server”

  1. @cyrusxxx1 Take a look at youtube dot com slash watch?v=69OXnmbAaLI&feature=related

    From this start i made a simple chat application. It uses a socket server and an iframe that listens to that socket server over a continuous connection.

  2. @sie85 Yes I have been slowing down a bit with uploads because it takes forever to edit these new videos. They have to be edited down from 1 hour in length. I've been programming forever. It is just what I know. The other stuff I get from speed reading a bunch of books. Crazy stuff πŸ™‚

  3. @derekbanas Thanks i really appreciate that. You have all that knowledge? You must be a walking programmers Wikipedia. Take your take time also for the other tuts you're making. Quality goes over quantity.

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