24 thoughts on “Hunt: Showdown | Broadcaster Showdown”

  1. This game need more content…the game is extremely repetitive. There are too few bosses and maps. After 2 years one boss and similar map? Really Crytek? This game has great potential but you only add the only weapons that's nothing new.

  2. Does anyone know any games where the guns are slow firing and it multiplayer. I need to take a break from this game because all it’s game modes are to frustrating

  3. I would much prefer someone else on the Crytek team to do these livestreams. Sure shes cute to look at, but she lacks skill and doesnt know nearly as much about the game and design as some others i have watched play. She isn't very entertaining also lol

  4. I remember when the dev's still cared and didn't adjust dials and knobs for the sake of it. Just put this poor monstrosity out of it's misery. Start over, do better. You ran this game into the ground.

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