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‘ A image deserves a thousand words’ some a single described, however how essential is a video. How helpful would it be if the online video is live broadcast? Would not its worth improve even more it reaches its audiences in such a way it does not break up or activate the annoying ‘Buffering …”.

This video speak about utilizing Microsoft House windows, IIS Server and Expression Encoder to provide a smooth video encounter to your audiences. In a manner this is a broadcasting of a video above the online/community Ethernet. This system would scale by altering the high-quality (bit-charge) of the video mechanically by noticing the response in the purchasers conclude ultimately eliminating the annoying buffering.

Download backlinks can be discovered on the brief post from the earlier discussed (reduced) connection.

[Downloads & Instructions]
01 Discussion.
02 Expression Encoder.
03 Site System Installer.
04 IIS Media Providers 4.
04 Web Media Gamer[ Silverlight ]

Thanks for coming by … Pleased streaming.


26 thoughts on “IIS Live Smooth Streaming – Smart Motion Picture Broadcasting About Net/ LAN”

  1. HI zyan,
    Thanks for the video, Will expression encoder 4 support live streaming. i am not able to do so with 4. i have tried for 4 pro download but i am not able to get it . problem with encoder 4 is which i am configuring output url is not validating and it is giving error "output format need to be set toIIS smooth Streaming to encode to this publish point" Please advice

  2. Question . . . when using the player in your example, is it possible to set it up to serve multiple streams . . . ie, mulitple publishing points. For example, I want to be able to serve live streams to users, and also archived, on demand streams at the same time.

  3. Ziyan, I just watched this video and found it very interesting. I am in need of a sultion to hook up a camera to stream a live video/audio feed for a website. Do you know what has to be down and what time of software is needed? Do I need a server?

    I appreciate it if you could help me out in any way.


  4. In theory you can serve any, buy in practise you will face bottlenecks while increasing connections. For example just by considering bandwidth: If you have a network conneciton of 100 Mbps, you will only be able to stream to 50 users with HD quality (2 Mbps * 50 = your maximum bandwidth). Also the IIS Server will be using CPU to serve every customer. There too is a possibility of a bottleneck.

  5. Very very interesting! I have just one question. Expression Encoder can stream over a lan with more than 100 PCs connected in the same time…The server would need something extra?

  6. Very interesting, thanks. Do you know if the stream can be played on multiple plaftorms (eg. Windows, Linux, Android, iOS etc.)? What media player is launched? I've been using the older MS Media Encoder with Windows Media Services, but find the technology very limiting. Ultimately I would like a tool that allows me to stream live content on multiple platforms, with the ability to change bitrate/resolution on the fly client side…

  7. THanks XClusiveX, I was a trainee and well my laptop was better than the computers they had and I worked on it. It was a tough to work with but just managed. I am happy that it helped you. Looking forward to start up some thing, if it bares fruit, will buy some thing substantial and you will be one of the very first to know 😉

  8. Mr Junaid,
    This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for preparing and sharing this video.
    By the way you deserve a lot better computer(better processor with lots of memory maybe a server system why not? ) than what you used in this video.
    All the best.. Greetings from Ireland

  9. Well, 100Mbps line will nearly saturate with 50 users if all are using HD quality. But considering your scale, some thing like multicasting will be the ideal solution, but once again because this happens over the internet I doubt Multicast would be applicable, I am not sure. I will check and say.

  10. To give a realistic figure, how about if I streamed to an audience of about 300-500 people? Would you be aware of the server requirements to broadcast to an audience of that number?

  11. Unlimited, that is some thing I'd have to say no to. As users increase the server will eventually reach its bottleneck or the network will reach its bottleneck. You might need to consider some load-balancing if not I am afraid it will not be practical. Load balancing, well that isn't some thing I've played with. Since you asked, its not the program, but how the network is. More powerful a server is, more users it could serve.

  12. Hi thanks for the video,
    is it possible to use the streaming service to broadcast to unlimited viewers. Example if I wanted to broadcast a public function online, would this be the ideal program to use?

  13. yes thank you, i need to use the streaming from any location so its not possible to get a static IP, and plus Telstra in Australia the IT support have no idea what a static IP address is, they are quite sloooow . a workaround would be to have web page and use a redirect url to another address ie the address from the dynamic address of the day, thanks

  14. @videofxnoosa You are right, you need to have a Public IP (v4 or v6) for any one to access your content globally. This is just for demonstration and used the Loop Back for it.

    When u connect to the internet most ISPs assign u and IP from a pool. You could find it out and put it on your website/blog/twitter and your friends could view it. Once you re-connect (to the net), this will change, be warned.

    Other wise, obtain a static IP from your ISP, its not expensive. Contact you ISP.

  15. hey thanks for this,, very well explained,, i have one question though
    you give the ip address of your local machine,ie 127.0 etc, how would your clients or friends see the stream unless you had a static ip address,, ie if i wanted to stream a live event in the field at a conference using an in house internet conection they wouldnt have a static ip, i would need a way to upload to a media streaming server on the fly?

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