A while back, a spot to House windows 10 handicapped making use of the out-of-date Windows Media Encoder and you will discover practically absolutely nothing that can be achieved to utilize it any longer. Microsoft recommended using Expression in its location. Expression nevertheless is likewise being phased out however it works in the meantime. Microsoft’s intent having stated that is to stop making use of the House windows Media Server in favor of their a lot more high priced “Azure” system. This smaller sized tutorial exposes you the best ways to stream live to a House windows Media Server utilizing Expression Encoder. Your server manage will vary so make ensured you understand exactly what server you are streaming to.


5 thoughts on “Live Streaming with Expression Encoder”

  1. Nes I have a live project that's set to autostart when pc boots up. Problem is that it ends up on top and then I get the mirror loop effect. Do you know how to have it auto minimize or make it so it doesn't capture it's own window?

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