Invite to The Deep Conclusion (SMP) Live Episode! In this episode we professional one specific of my weirdest minutes in minecraft, at any time.

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50 thoughts on “Minecraft: The Deep Close SMP! – Fulfill, Gerald.”

  1. Dolphins can suffocate on land and drown in water. They need the air in their system or else they will drown, but they also need the support of the water to help them carry their bodies or else they’ll suffocate. They can survive hours to a few days on land, but any longer and they will die

  2. Will i love you and i'm a huge fan! Your streams have such a feel good vibe! They always relax me! But i feel like you are not making too much progress with these streams… You should grind off camera… These huuuge projects are gonna take months if you only work on them 1 hour per stream while you are distracted by donos and chat. Don't want to compare but you are kinda eating Del's dust.. He's getting soooo much done! Again, I love you Will… This is not hate just my honest opinion!

  3. I was honestly crying-laughing when you built Gerald
    Keep up the great and entertaining streams!!! 🙂

    Love you, Will! Hope you have a good day 😀

  4. Fish have gills, and how they work are that they filter oxygen through water, and their gills sort if float, letting the gills act as a literal filter. When in air, the gills stick together, causing the fish to suffocate.
    So yes, fish suffocate, not drown, in air.
    (I am such a nerd)

  5. Hi your friendly neighborhood animal nerd here to help.
    1. Fish suffocate on land because although they are in air they can’t get it into their bodies. Similar to how if a person was on land they would still suffocate if they had a bag on their heads because they can’t get oxygen into their lungs.
    2. Dolphins need air because they breathe it (obvious), but they need water to survive because it keeps their bodies from crushing their organs.
    3. The shop is a manta ray. The difference between the two isn’t size because their are multiple species of both and they are all different sizes. The main difference is (as the name suggests) stingrays have stingers on their tails.

  6. Hi, can you please make edited videos? I've been sick and in and out of the hospital and livestreams are so long that I cannot stay awake to watch them

  7. you should move Gerald and make him one of those "easter island statue people" on your island. idk what they're called. looks it up apparently they're called moai.

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