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35 thoughts on “New [5.7] Robotic NIGHTINGALE Mk2 Maxed Air Steerage Conflict Robots Gameplay WR”

  1. How interesting would it be if war robots became like overwatch? Support bots crucial to victory, no heals = no win. strategy and team comp more important than just who can do the most damage.

  2. Check this out Manni..so I was in my Titan kid level 30 and another teammate was in a mender and another teammate was in a Weyland and another teammate Tyr all behind me and they were healing me while I was pushing beacons and I seriously kept being healed constantly which was amazing! I was like a super T. Falcon Titan lol I kept pushing and taking out enemies while my team was healing me 👊💪😎 Has anyone else tried this?

  3. Uh so mender is pretty much useless after this bot? I mean its good at brawling than this bot but this bot has more utility and tyr is already better.
    Mender should get a little buff

  4. Manni I have realised that Leech is ur fault cuz you said in one video that you've suggested Pixonic this type of robot as ur idea to make somethin new in WR xd no, just kidding, you probably didn't mean to replace Pantheon meta with this, did you xd btw why can you not suggest the same way the reload of punishers/punishers T, molots/molots T/tempest and maybe even avenger with little bit of damage output rework and just make the reload less yk cuz even tho avenger has a great power this 10 sec reload is just annoying, so i suggest to nerf the power of it, but !NOT MUCH! and make the reload less, what would you say?

  5. nighting… looks very but very retarderd. What is it? an autobot,..decepticon? wtf looks so bad. Also the weapons..are so mediocre. Shoud have been an tactical robot calling down a strike or something, in an area with enemies or to lock down an entire area with bufs for team.

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