Match Guidelines:.
► The video game mode will be traditional.
► The competition includes 3 rounds with map as Erangel, Miramar and Erangel in Round 1, 2 and 3 respectively.
► Gamers need to have fun with TPP mode (3rd Individual Viewpoint).
► The competition will be qualified just for teams of 4.

Match Strategy:.

► Each group will have 1 IGL and 3 colleagues.
► All the gamers of the group are advised to be from the exact same area to prevent lag.
► The matches will be used the Asian servers.
► There will be 25 groups taking part.
► 6 PM IST– Heat Up, 6: 15 PM IST– Round 1 (30 minutes), 6: 45 PM– Break, 6: 50 PM IST– Round 2 (30 minutes), 7: 20 PM IST– Break, 7: 25 PM IST– Round 3 (30 minutes).


► Teams can utilize earphones and mic.
► iPhone users can utilize Apower REC app.
► Server URL and stream secret will be provides by PUBGM neighborhood group prior to the match.
► IGL will sign up with the customized space and begin the streaming from their end.
► PUBG neighborhood group will begin the live stream and provide customized space password to public.
► Individual streaming is permitted every individual.
► Throughout the streaming, banners may be in threat of stream sniping.

Follow us on Social network:.

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PC Specifications:.

► GPU: Zotac GTX 1080 Creators Edition.
► Display: LG 34 UC79 G|34 Inches Ultra Wide.
► Keyboard: HyperX FPS Alloy.
► Mobo: AsRock Extreme Edition 4.
► Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire.
► Headset: HyperX Cloud Core.
► Mousepad: HyperX Fury XXL.



  1. Missed the tourney… Was a good one indeed….
    just a feedback add 4 spectators and divide the screen to 4 way spectator mode for the next one..
    i think this will be great as an esport experience…
    gg's to every one participated…. have a good one guys…

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