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ProPresenter 6 for Mac has a nice tiny utility that not lots of people right this moment find out about. It’s termed “Syphon”. Syphon lets you ship out the video clip output from a single piece of laptop software program to an additional.

On this tutorial, we’re heading to ship video from Pro6 to OBS for stay streaming.

A single matter you actually ought to know, whereas is that OBS is not going to instantly get appear from Pro6, in case you are using audio from movies, and so forth. To try this, you might have considered trying an additional piece of utility, known as Soundflower.

Watch this video clip for added information.

Supplemental software program program wanted:
OBS (no value): https://obsproject.com/obtain
Soundflower: https://rogueamoeba.com/freebies/soundflower/
Alternate choices to soundflower: http://alternativeto.net/computer software/soundflower/

If you wish to stay stream from ProPresenter, Professional6 for Mac gives a brand new characteristic that may make it simple. Click on on this article to be taught much more: https://youtu.be/GWRrAxQ36lM


19 thoughts on “ProPresenter 6 Hack: Dwell streaming with ProPresenter 6 (for Mac) with OBS”

  1. Paul, thanks for the tutorials. Question: my church has 2 iMacs dedicated to their roles. One is for OBS and the other is for Pro Presenter 6.

    Can i still use the syphon option to feed one iMac to feed the other. IMac as a capture display for OBS as a live feed?

    Is this what you explain in this video? I have yet to see a tutorial explaining 2 different iMacs performing these functions how to connect them for their uses. Can you help or explain?

  2. Hey, I'm using PP6 and my church is wondering if there is any way that the PP6 screen could cast to OBS as transparent aside from the lyrics, so the lyrics would run on top of a live video. I know that PP7 has this capability but I am unaware at this point about PP6.

  3. Hello. So we have Propresenter 6 on Mac. We want to overlay words while streaming to Youtube. We have OBS. Do we still need an additional switcher to do the overlay on live stream?

  4. Hi Paul. We are a brand new Church Plant in the UK. We are also a pop up church. Im sorry I don't think this question is directly linked to this video but I'm a little stuck. We want to beam a live stream/recording of our Sunday morning gathering onto a Tv monitor ihich will be located in a family room we have set aside for parents with small children. This is so that if parents go out to use the family room during the morning gathering they can still feel part of whats going on in the main hall as they'll be able to see and hear whats going on. As a pop up Church we need to make this as simple as possible and it will have to be done without cables or leads. Someone mentioned recording on an iPhone and using apple TV to send to the monitor in the other room? I know this wouldnt have great audio but would it work? Or do you have any other options or ideas for what we're trying to do? We currently have ProPresenter 6 for visuals but dont know if we can use this for what we want? I just notice that it has a 'live video' function. thanks so much for any advice you can give. Blessings! Jason

  5. Hi Paul. I am working on getting this set up at my church. I have enabled Syphon, and downloaded OBS, but when I select Syphon Client ProPresenter6 is not available. I have attempted to inject the program under the Syphon Client but all I get is a black screen. What else can I do?

  6. Hey Paul,

    Our church is small enough to where we cannot justify investing in a physical video switcher and we can live with the milliseconds of latency we get through inserting a live feed as a background on ProPresenter. I was wondering if you knew any way to utilize multiple cameras as a live feed? When we used to use EasyWorship, there was an easy way to switch between our cameras on the program. I can't seem to find any way to switch between cameras on ProPresenter except to go through the Preferences menu and select a new camera. Any ideas?

  7. What cable do I need to get to allow my Canon Vixia HF G40 to be seen on my Mac so we can use it for live stream on our churches large screens? I would buy an adapter for lightning port but both lightning ports are in use on our sanctuary computer. Would a hdmi to usb work?

  8. I have propresenter on one Mac, and OBS on another mac. Can I connect propresenter to OBS even though they are on different Macs? Neither of the computers are capable of running both programs (so I only want to cast the image,video/audio from propresenter to obs) is this possible? Thanks

  9. Hi Paul, thank you for this very helpful vid! Does this work the same if I use a MediaShout > OBS setup? Also is it possible to display the lyrics from ProPresentater as you were doing, but in lower lower thirds on OBS?

  10. Hi Paul! Question for you: In your experience, how taxing is running OBS and ProPresenter off the same computer on the CPU/RAM? Our main concern is if the computer were to crash, we would lose both functions.

  11. Hello Paul, you have no idea how much this video helped me.
    I have a question, we have ProPresenter in our church for the church displays and we currently stream to facebook live using mevo.
    Is there anyway I can grab the video from the mevo cam and show it trough ProPresenter to the screens in my church?

  12. Thanks for all the great content, Paul! Do you know whether this would work with the Master Control module? Would Syphon still work on a "slave" instance of PP6?

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