A HotFix spot was launched early this morning at 1AM PST on 6/28/18, however it was a SERVER Element UPDATE, so no have to uninstall/reinstall like I did if you never ever see the upgrade. It wishes to handle the “all set up” bug that has actually afflicted the check and live servers for a couple months. There is definitely likewise an upgrade on the Head Hunter Barrier, and exactly what product all those that took part will get.

Likewise needed to reveal that I will be streaming tonight beginning all over 10 PM EDT, so I wish to see you there!

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HotFix Spot Notes:.
https://message boards.playbattlegrounds.com/matter/270780-june-28th-hotfix/

Head Hunter Obstacle:.
https://community forums.playbattlegrounds.com/subject/270604-group-party-headhunter-consequence/

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22 thoughts on “PUBG XBOX HOTFIX Spot (6/28) ** SERVER Side UPDATE ** – Head Hunter Obstacle – Live Stream Information!!”

  1. Hey man we played a game yesterday and I just realised now that I was going through your videos the other night to learn better strategies since I'm pretty new to the game. Just wanted to say I had a good time playing with you the other night and thanks for being so laid back and not getting super mad when we lost. Def down to play anytime (goldentyga117)

  2. What about the Character showing up in my inventory I have the Xbox One X and it always used to show now since the last 3 to 4 updates it doesn't show anymore!! Can anyone tell me why that is and when will they fix it?

  3. Hey man. I'm a twitch streamer that streams the Xbox and PC version of pub so I'll be streaming tonight as well so if your down we could squad it up tonight and co stream sort of speak. Hit me up

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