9 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Digicam HLS Streaming iPad Android”

  1. that's pretty sweet, were you able to use this hls setup to stream to an android tablet or phone?Β 
    I want to stream to both iOS and android but know that I need to use hls for iOS but looking around to see if people somehow get hls to work on adroid as well.

  2. @Vicente Arnau Morales – if you want no delay then HLS will not be suitable for you. But you can do a direct byte stream from raspivid and play that. You should be able to get down to around the ~40ms latency mark with this method – but you won't have such good compatability with lots of devices.

  3. Have a look at AndyA's psips tool / tutorial in the description, it's probably easier now as there is a chance you don't need to roll your own up to date ffmpeg anymore.

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