Requirement Raspberry Pi Robotic Lorry Playlist:

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12 thoughts on “Raspberry pi with Python for Robotics – Online video Streaming Pi RC Car!”

  1. Hi Sentdex, I started to learn Python in a week and fell in love with your videos! do I need background of C-programming in order to program for robotics? or Python can do it all along?.

  2. First thank you for this series. Theses videos are great. I'd like to buy the exact parts you did and repeat the experience, maybe upgrade the motors as you suggested. Have you posted the parts you used anywhere? If so would you mind linking me to it?

  3. That was fun.  How about a video using a pi as a "watch dog" … i.e. put a pi on the porch or somewhere and it takes a photo every 30secs or 1min and then sends the photo to another computer or Amazon S3 or Dropbox.  Or even just take a photo 
    via a request from another computer … like check who's at the front door or from work check in on house/dog/whatever.  I did watch your videos on streaming from the pi … very nice.  I'm just looking for ROI of my 40 bucks 🙂

  4. I'm quite interested with your rc videos,and I also often upload some videos made by myself. Maybe we can subscribe and share ideas to each other . I'm the owner of the Banggood YouTube Channel.

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