46 thoughts on “Reside Streaming utilizing a Sony Handycam”

  1. Hello sir, i see that you are using FDR AX53 for live streaming and have all the icons from the screen removed, so thereby you have a clean image. I dont have that and im really struggling with this issue for live streaming… can you help please sir, i would much appreciate.

  2. Hi Saurav, I have a Dell G3 15 Laptop which does not have a thunderbolt option. It has something like a "USB-C DisplayPort for GTX 1650 graphic card and above only". How do I connect my laptop to the ultra studio mini recorder without the same?

  3. Is there any solution for laptops without a thunderbolt port? Also, can you do just general recording on The PC through this set up? Like not necessarily to livestream but just to record onto the disk.

  4. Hey, greetings from Mexico!! I have a doubt about it, I haven't gotten a mini recorder, but am wondering if the options of the camera's screen (such as battery state, menu button and green letters) are gonna disappear automatically once it's connected to the mini recorder. Gracias, amigo.

  5. Hello Saurav, may i know why you set the resolution at 720p ? Im using blackmagic web presenter and it suppose to record HD but the quality is still clear like 720p. Currently im using sony pj675 handycam and set the resolution at 1080i

  6. Saurav nag thabk yoy for all yoyr help but i am new on this and now i trying to help my church streaming the mass can i use Facebook? 2) where do you get all the accessories.
    Thank you

  7. Hello Saurav. I have this very hanycam which is in this video. My laptop actually has a HDMI port. Does this mean I do not require the Thunderbolt port and thunderbolt cable? Also, the calming 4k I just bought did not come with software. Thank you.

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