Performing some tests on incorporating HTTP Live Streaming in ScreenStudio.

How it carries out? I stream the video directly to an FTP server and after that take a look at the stream dealing with an uncomplicated web websites. Presently just iDevices and Android devices can take pleasure in the embeded stream however you can utilize VLC on a desktop to see it …

I then acknowledged that I might Airplay my Ubuntu desktop on my Apple Tv.

It needs to be easily offered in the following release of ScreenStudio.

Observe the online video to see the live stream in movement although I was tests.


2 thoughts on “ScreenStudio Live HTTP Streaming”

  1. I don't understand why you abandoned the webcamstudio project. There is nothing like that , on linux at least . It was actually a very good thing .
    Now it's been discontinued again while it also been taken on a very complex path. It's a lot more cluttered and complex than it used to be. Also a lot more unstable. I can't even use the music/video audio as a virtual microphone.

    Manycam for example on windows is a lot more simple (no windows , no complex configuration or small buttons at the top etc)

    Sorry to disappoint you but ScreenStudio will never come close to OBS which is also cross platform.
    You can stream and record on your desktop , it is a lot more stable , feature rich and very maintained because they gain a lot of money from twitch streamers that mostly use it.

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