Ways to remove/ decrease history noises from your mic even despite the fact that Streaming Live! Eliminate hissing, lovers, heating systems, steps and even more!
Using Adobe Audition and Virtual Audio Cable television will help you develop an actually expert sounding audio knowledge. No make a distinction what mic you utilize, you can minimize that frustrating fixed and background noises.

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26 thoughts on “The best ways to: Remove History Noise Even When Streaming Live!”

  1. Thanks, verry helpfull! i'm lucky that i got a adobe package in school, othewise it would be verry expensive. Do you know if there are any other software that does the same, but is free?

  2. Great video, but for future maybe get to the point and make a separate short video talking about things like wanting to know what we like about ur videos etc. or even put it at the end, just not the beginning of the vid

  3. Not to absolutely go into a matrix of audio but what would happen if I then sent line 1 to Voice meter banana to amplify the sound or change the pitch, would I then have to select voice meter out i guess for any live sound. But I believe I shouldn't need to if I have this software. I'm guessing the Track effects also allows pitch change and amplification

  4. Thank you very much, most of the tutorials i've seen about this issue were always too long for no reason and/or confusing, yours is simple and clear, and works better than the other ways I tried. Great vid.

  5. Didn't work. I still hear the ventilation system on my house on in the background even though it doesn't make too much noise. No difference at all whatsoever when cycling it on and off.

  6. i tried doing this on elgato and i just got a female voice every couple seconds saying trial. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on this so could someone help?

  7. dumb question but when you are streaming is it also saving an audio file, I dont want my hard drive to get filled with temporary sound files while streaming

  8. tbh even on 2x you talk too much and the newer edition of Audition doesn't have starting screen as yours so this video is useless im going to learn this software to find out how I can do what you did here.

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