Sr. Services or products Advertising and promoting Supervisor, Matthew Bennion, walks you on account of learn how to stream your video clips, music and photos from a My Cloud to a linked gadget. Merely simply load the one you love media information recordsdata on the My Cloud and the developed-in DLNA server routinely helps make your media available to stream to any DLNA participant (wise Tv, media participant, mobile machine, and so forth…) in your property group. Have a look at this on-line video to see how fast it’s to arrange a WD Tv set and start streaming movies, songs and pics out of your My Cloud to any room within the family!

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46 thoughts on “Tips on how to Stream Films, Music and Footage from WD My Cloud”

  1. For those that are wondering how to do this and that see my comment, I figured it out after a while.

    1: log into the drive itself (go to in a web browser), go to media and enable twonky server. Wait until the server has been set up.

    2: it’s best to go to WiFi and make sure your wireless pro is connected to the internet, if not connect your drive. (Not necessary to be able to stream but do it anyway)

    3: now make sure whatever device you want to stream to is connected to the wireless network that’s coming from your drive (typically the networks that start with my passport (2.4) or (5 ghz).

    4: install a media player on the device you want to play the media on. Personally media guru worked really well for my android tv.

    5: now search for DLNA servers in the media player, my passport should show up.

    6: enjoy watching your photos and videos.

  2. I own the WDMyCloud device. I used to play videos from it on my Samsung Smart TV directly. Since couple of months with latest firmware update (a big mistake) i can only see public folders not my own folder is there anyway to remove update so that it works correctly again

  3. I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen3) with 2.03.20 firmware version. I want to load a M3U playlist with http links to TS streams. Both M3U and TS are specified into product manual. How exactly should I proceed (step by step procedure, please) in order to be able to play internet streams (IPTV)? Thanks!

  4. WD has always made the most incredible hard drives. I've never used anything for the thousands of computers I've built, always reliable, always perfect. Why they are trying to branch out is a mistake many corporations make. The best streamer at home I would say is still the PS3, (but so many ways to stream, it really doesn't matter as long as it has enough power behind it. Chromecast is also "Perfect")
    The best way to stream your media from storage is from a compatible router with external hard drive. You want as many options as possible, or you're going to be sitting there for decades looking through pictures, or videos. You want the ability to organize, and be efficient, not to mention reliable (network hard drive, grab a red WD) for your cloud, and the right speeds (meaning a good brand router, latest USB version) so your not lagging. Once this is all setup, you not only can stream from within your house, but anywhere in the world. STOP paying for clouds companies trick you into buying! (yes it's free, until you go beyond their storage limit).

  5. How to Stream Movies, Music and Photos from WD My Cloud for Free without waste of money:

    1- Install Universal Media Server (Freeware) — Free DLN server
    2- Add myCloud Folder (it appears like network Drive in Windows) and share
    3-Go you your smart TV and play whatever you went
    4- Give a like 🙂

  6. A bit of false advertising "Access it from any"… come on Western Digital… You would think that with every product release/upgrade, the user interface and features will improve and expand. I have the original MyCloud 3Tb NAS. It easily played any content on all my smart TVs across my WiFi network.
    I thought the same could be done with my MyCloud Home 4Tb NAS. Sadly, this is not the case and I have to use a third party application 'Plex' to stream content? Seriously?
    Let me understand then, an older WD product offers more versatility than a newer one? So your company is introverting then… Lovely.

  7. I strongly recommend that guys don't buy the wd mycloud! This is probably the most worst purchase i have ever did in my entire life! And if it was cheap, i could have lived with it, but this is certainly not the cheapest on arround! This is the second one i got, since the first one suddenly stopped out of the blue and the second one also did a couple of hours ago. This is a total rip off!!!!!!! I would strongly advice NO ONE to go buy one!

  8. I got my WDMYCLOUD 2TB and the DLNA settings are activated. I want to make a share streaming files to my tv with videos and photos of my vacations. But…Do i need to buy another device to share all my files to the tv? Please someone to help me

  9. Can someone please tell me how to stream content to my laptop when I am not on my home network. I have been trying to do this for months now and can't find any information on how to do this. I'm pretty sure that there are no inherent obstacles to doing this.


  10. We have been trying for days to get a My Cloud to work. Why not a manual enclosed in the box? We will litterally throw it in the bin.

    The only advise we can give is, DON'T BUY THIS, IT'S MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN.

  11. I have a 2TB edition of Western Digital My Book Essential (wdBACW0020HBK-UESN) – but it is not recognized when I connect to it a brand new Samsung smart tv (Other drive I have works fine). How can I solve this?

  12. I own the WDMyCloud device. I used to play videos from it on my Samsung Smart TV directly. Since couple of months I cannot see any of the videos on HDD on my TV screen. Also, when I access the HDD via Webclient the video content is not visible there. How come?

  13. This isn't a tutorial, is it? no mention of how to set up the DNLA in the WD MyCloud, or what to look for on the smart TV, It only deals with the WD TV player. What I want to know is how to set this up to stream my media to my smart TVs without going out to buy more equipment. Sorry guys, this really wasn't helpful.

  14. I found my mycloud on my smart TV, but when I clicked it my TV is not finding any of my videos.. Do the videos need to be a specific format? Or do the videos need to be the only thing on the My Cloud? Why am I not seeing any video files?

  15. a couple of year ago I bought a 3 TB WD My Book Live which worked fine with all of my devices and the software was easy to setup and use. Now with my My Cloud 4 TB I have so much trouble to get it up and running. It doesn't work properly on My Mac and Android Phone and also have problems with my other laptops to connect and backup. so I consider it a waste of money!!

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