22 thoughts on “VLC media gamer streaming more than a LAN”

  1. what are the advantages of streaming over the network? when I double click on any dvd or video file on any shared drive on any computer on the local network, vlc kicks right in with no loss of bandwith as though it was playing from the computer.

  2. @nexus6pris Yes, like it's some kind of secret! Grrr, still struggling with this one, it's sooo simple yet no-one will show us! What's the big secret? Plus they recently updated VLC so the screenshots are different on this than mine. I'm off to download an old version and try again.

  3. Besides you're talking crap about a dvd stream eating all the bandwidth… a dvd has typically a bitrate around 5Mb/s, a full hd bluray has 40Mbit/s maximum. The ethernet has a bandwidth of 100Mb/s and Wlan 54Mb/s so where is the problem? Am i missing something here wat 😀 you can't be serious ^^

  4. @dickmorrison

    i have been using windows 7 for over a month in a half, and use tversity all the time to stream to my ps3……and i use the homegroup option as well….without any problems

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