Liberty FEENS Podcast– Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi’s interesting ‘n’ tough weekly chat about Constitutional, libertarian, voluntaryist, minarchist and anarchist issues, abuse of authority by authorities, the War on Drugs, self-protection, States’ Rights, Pure Rights, Austrian Economics, Do it yourself art, lower-spending strategy filmmaking, electronic recording, advocacy, hard rock, hip-hop and additional.

Now with streaming audio for cellular:.

Michael W. Dean does a proof-of-thought live created with callers making use of the Feens streaming server and a freeware energy recognized as BUTT (Broadcast Using This Resource.).

Essentially, you established a streaming server (200 bucks a fiscal year) with VosCast, download BUTT, (absolutely complimentary), set up BUTT, established BUTT with the server info (click “Setups” then “Place” to consist of server and password) from your VosCast welcome email (choose the Shoutcast choice in BUTT, NOT Icecast). Then log into VosCast’s website and turn off Vehicle DJ if you have it switched on. Then begin BUTT by clicking the appropriate-pointing arrow. If you have a mic or mic and mixer properly attached to the computer system, you have to be live. Listeners might need to strike “revitalize” on their conclusion. There will be a hold-up of in between 5 and 30 seconds, so you and your callers ought to transform off your streaming link and not hear while transmitting or you are getting echo-responses.

More detailed BUTT setup realities is Right here.

You can tape in BUTT by clicking the crimson record button. (I taped by ways of Mumble. And took call using a Skype amount (6 dollars a thirty day duration.) If you wish to have a next host who remains in a various area, you actually ought to do that through Mumble. We’ll be doing that with Neema this Tuesday, July 24, at 7 PM East Coast Time. You can contact by method of (307) 215-5171 Or by method of Skype to individual name kittyfeet1. Streaming link remains in this post:.

( It performs our random stream of previous episodes when we’re not transmitting live. When we are transmitting, again, you can anticipate to wish to alter your pc audio down although you’re on the air calling in.).



( BUTT is established by Daniel Noethen and his BUTT site is listed below if you wish to contribute. The Feens sent him 9 Euros … which has to do with $1125). And, have a look at our task interview with the developer of BUTT, at the start of this episode.


4 thoughts on “Ways to Establish Your Very Own Streaming Server with BUTT – Liberty Feens Podcast 94”

  1. Wonder why Racists never define what they mean by "Freedom & Liberty". Do you Idiots really think destroying Democracy because the President is Black is Freedom and Liberty? For who? Dumb Dinosaurs.  TKCAL

  2. Nice video, I am trying to figure out how to use 1 computer and no mixer to do the same thing, our network has been relying on BTR for a backend and the quality sucks, some of our hosts are doing similar except they conference in the studio in another state and the studio uses shoutcast source to broadcast for them, Believe it or not I am having problems training anarchist and libertarian hosts with enough tech knowledge to actually stream to our server host.

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