6 thoughts on “Ways to: Multi-bitrate and Multi-screen Streaming with Flash Media Server 4.5”

  1. Can this be summed up into just 10 steps?  Ive seen this same presentation about 50 times by 50 people, its all for local streaming using the default player.

    #1 What do i use to encode the videos and what are my media encoding settings?
    #2 Where do i need to upload the videos?
    #3 How do i make the manifest/playlist files (this was the only thing i could follow even though your screen looks different than many of the other tutorials i've seen)
    #4 What code do i need to embed the manifest/playlist into an HTML page to make the player play stuff?
    #5 What other, one/two step, basic things do i need to do to get this to work?

    I don't need the whole fire hose, but i do need actual water, not just a demonstration of what the fire hose CAN do.

  2. I'm grateful for this very informative video. I have many years as a oracle dba, but I needed a quick exposure to adobe media products and this video delivers. Thanks very much

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