A good basic tutorial on the best ways to stream video or audio dealing with 2 excellent systems. An extremely straightforward appear into how it works and is a lot simpler than many people today may presume, we will have you streaming your short articles in no time.

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wowza media server.


http://sourceforge.web/tasks/miniserver/files/Uniform Server/7.- Orion/UniServer _ 7 __. exe/obtain.

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16 thoughts on “Ways to stream audio and video utilizing a streaming server”

  1. Hello
    I discovered a site that in addition to being a YouTube clone is also perfect for streaming live streams.
    The idea is you install your own streaming server.
    It is fully integrated with NGINX RMTP, secure and easy to use.
    In addition to working on the PC works perfectly on devices movies.
    Best of all is that it is open source and free
    His site is https://www.youphptube.com/
    There is a demo that is passing some test streamings: https://demo.youphptube.com/

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  3. Hello, i've got a question. Is it possible to forward the stream from the streaming server to another streaming server? Like –> Wirecast —> stream server1 —> stream server2???

  4. Hi, thanks for this tutorial! you are a life saver, but i can't find the one for the online version, if you didn't make it, can you please at least, give me a quick explanation on how to do it, that would be great! thanks again 🙂

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