On this video clip, I’ve outlined what’s WebSocket, how it’s significantly better then HTTP and I’ve additionally revealed that how one can make switch data amongst client and server by way of Websockets.

Primarily I’m working a group whose aim is to make a regional area group based mostly house automation process using WebSockets & Webserver jogging on ESP32 or NodeMCU board. So subscriber the channel and be a part of this journey of manufacturing the entire enterprise from scratch….

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Important Backlinks

Code for the gathering : https://github.com/techiesms/NodeMCU-ESP32-Collection

Comparability of HTTP and WebSocket :- https://developerinsider.co/variance-in between-http-and-http-2–websocket/

Web site for locating JavaScript,HTML and A number of extra :- https://www.w3faculties.com
Different Episodes of this Sequence

[Episode 1] ESPAsyncWebServer & mDNS server – https://youtu.be/cWZP7Y8qP6E

[Episode 2] Residence Automation through the use of HTML web site web page :- https://youtu.be/uRzK6o_mEyw
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42 thoughts on “WebSocket Server Dwelling Automation utilizing ESP32 or NodeMCU board”

  1. Hey, I learnt kivy from your tutorials and am following up on the home automation series, your tutorials are really helpful. I was wondering if you can make the same playlist using micro python. If there is one then please share the link in the reply.

  2. your tutorial on home auto mation is too good but dont use apple screen while editing videos……..
    by the way it very informative on websocket……thanks and expacted more videos on same

  3. Hi techiesms, i have a question! Is there any way to instead of connecting to the wifi connection created by the esp32, connecting to my home network? I would assume i will have to go give the esp32 my password and wifi name to be able to log in to it, but how would i do this?
    Greets from Belgium!

  4. WEBSOCKET in NOT working well on ESP32. What it is all about: default client number count in ESP32 softAP is 4. In the presented websocket axample it's also 4 and this WEBSOCKET code does't always recognize the right number of clients as it DOESN't always register DISCONNECTION. For example, you connect with one Android phone to ESP32 and then you disconnect, and connect again,…and so on….. and when you make 5th connection it doesn't work anymore. Internally it "thinks" 4 clients are connected and doesn't let the 5th to connect (what is OK) but that is not true as only one client is present. CAN YOU REPAIR the code or library?

  5. HI, I want to do communication between android app and esp32 (without webserver), using websockets.
    I am new to this concept so, Please guide me on this, how this is possible?
    any relevant example or tutorial will helpful.

  6. Truly inspiring. A month ago coz of the lock down, the engineer inside me had died. You brought him back to the engineering world by makin this Series. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for shearing valuable lesson with us for free of charge. Many blessings on you. I am always waiting for your video. It is awesome your explain skill. May you be a professor of the big university.

  8. Thank you very much for the helpful video. Please make a video on ESP32 websocket programming with micropython.
    I need to know if one can do simultaneous programming. Can you please let me know about it? In brief for example, considering I create a def function to blink an LED1 on a pin in the board and another def function for the LED2 on another pin on the same board. What I need to know is can I program both the def functions to operate together parallely. Fow example I want to blink LED1 for 3 times and LED2 for 5 times together. The output I'm expecting is to start blinking both LEDs together and then finish at their respective time.

  9. I am 72 years old retired Telecom Engineer and my hobby is IoT. Till yesterday I never thought that I will learn Web socket server, Javascript etc., in my entire life, because it is a vast subject and I was not sure, what are the only necessary topics for Iot implementation. So I didn't think of giving a try.
    Now that you started to teach, I feel happy that I am gifted to learn Web socket server, Javascript etc., with your video guidance. It is really a Great Job.
    Thank you Guruji for your wonderful service to hobbyist like me.
    I pray god to shower you and your family, with good health, wealth and happiness!!!

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